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Bush Regeneration

Lord Howe Island 1 Bushland Restoration Services have extensive experience in restoring vegetation across a large range of plant communities including high conservation value Rainforest, Heath, Grasslands, Coastal dunes, Wetlands and Sclerophyll woodland and forest.  Our professional team members hold a minimum Conservation and Land Management Certificate III and have a minimum of four years experience in natural resource management including:

  • ecological restoration
  • planting
  • seed collecting
  • propagation
  • translocation
  • the identification and management of Threatened Species
  • identification of native and introduced plants
  • community liaison
  • training

Our company holds a S132 Scientific Licence for working with Threatened Species and in Endangered Ecological Communities. 

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Areas of expertise

  • Endangered Ecological Communities

  • Rainforest Regeneration

  • Dune Restoration and Coastal Ecosystems

  • Asset Protection Management

  • Fauna Habitat Restoration

  • Wetland Reconstruction and Regeneration

  • Threatened Species Habitat

  • Revegetation Monitoring and Management

  • Training & Workshops

  • Project Management